In 1926 one of Europe’s leading clubs Sparta Prague made a tour of the United States. The tour was sponsored by Sparta A. C. of Chicago. The Czech club arrived in New York on August 30 on the North German steamship Columbus.

The Sparta Prague Prague roster was: František Hochman, Antonin Kaliba, Antonin Hojer, Antonin Perner, František Kolenatý, Karel Pesek-Kada, Antonin Carvan, Jaroslav Cerveny, Otto Fleischman, Josef Maloun, Antonín Janda-Očko, Jaroslav Polacek, Josef Silný, Josef Miclik, Ferdinand Hajny, Josef Horajs and Rudolf Dolejski. Trainer was Václav Špinder.

Karel Pesek-Kada

The Czech club was said to be scheduled to play 25 exhibition games in the United States.

Anton Perner

According to newspapers of the day anything from 15,000 to 25,000 soccer fans turned up at Soldier Field in Chicago on October 10, 1926, to watch Sparta Prague against Toronto Ulster.

Ulster United quickly built up a 3-0 lead through two goals by Jimmy Galloway and one by Jimmy Moir. Carvan and Cerveny replied for Sparta to before half-time. Fourteen minutes into the second half Roy Faulkner increased Ulster’s lead to 4-2. Silny scored two goals for Sparta to tie the game 4-4.


Ulster United: Bob Smith; Johnston, Bill Dinnie; Joe Clulow, Fred Williams, Cochrane; Roy Faulkner, Jimmy Galloway, George Graham, Jimmy Kelly, Jimmy Moir

Sparta Prague: Kaliba; Perner, Steiner; Kolenaty, Carvan, Cerveny; Fleischman, Polacek, Myclik, Silny, Horejs

Sparta’s tour record

September 6, 1926: Sparta 4, International League All-Stars 0

September 11, 1926: Sparta 3, Brooklyn Wanderers 3

September 12, 1926: Sparta 6, New York Giants 0

September 19, 1926: Sparta 2, Fall River 3

September 26, 1926: Sparta 6, Ohio All-Stars 2

October 4, 1926: Sparta 1, Chicago All-Stars 0

October 10, 1926: Sparta 4, Ulster United 3

October 17, 1926: Sparta 5, St. Louis All-Stars 3

October 23, 1926: Sparta 9, Chicago Sparta 0

October 24, 1926: Sparta 2, Detroit All-Stars 1

October 30, 1926: Sparta 1, Brooklyn Wanderers 3

November 3, 1926: Sparta 1, Galicia 1