Great teams: 1996 Toronto Italia

Toronto Italia moved their home games to Rainbrow Creek Park in Woodbridge and regularly attracted up to 400-500 fans.

Toronto Italia played in blue socks and shorts, with white shorts and numbers.

Peter Pinizzotto was Italia’s head coach.


00 Mike Ivanescu

1 Joe Ciaravino

2 John Annisi

3 Franco Spadafina

4 Richard Alexander

5 Tom Perks

6 Jack Zomporelli

7 Miguel Ferreira

8 Luca Centurione

9 Ryan Gamble

10 Ruben Gonzalez

10 Lalo Maradona

11 Marco Antonucci

12 Anthony Zanini

14 Garvin Houston

15 Steve Spizzirr

15 Marco Vaiano

18 Phil Ionadi

20 Nick Maxwell

23 Phil Caporrella

Photo kindly provided by Rocket Robin

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