The 1948 Carsteel team won the Dominion Championship and the Lord Atholstan Trophy. It was the first time in their 25 year old history that the club won the Dominion Championship. The club was managed by veteran player Alex Samson.

Goalkeepers were Doug Smith and Jim Fleming. Charlie Warner, George White and Steve Turley shared the fullback duties. Veteran left back White had played in the Dominion Cup finals fourteen years earlier with Montreal Aldred.

Half-backs were Johnny Sinclair, Dickie Walker, Donnie McLean and Alec Gammon. Right half Sinclair had been imported from Scottish club Dundee.

The forward line included the Castonguay brothers, Marcel and Paul-Emile. 29 year old outside left Marcel had started his senior soccer career fifteen years earlier. Paul had joined Carsteel in 1938. Outside right Ginger Anderson had been imported from Scottish soccer, inside left was tall Bill Chambers, 23 year old inside right Andy Meynes had his third season with the club.

The star of the team was center forward Doug McMahon. He had been on the verge of breaking through in English football with Wolverhampton Wanderers when war broke out. Doug returned to Canada and made his home in Montreal.

Reserves included Muir and Grundie.

As winners of the Eastern Section play-offs of the National Soccer League, Carsteel qualified for the 1948 Lord Atholstan Cup final. In the finals they defeated Hamilton Westinghouse 6-4 (3-1, 3-3) in the two-game total-goals series.

In August they won the Dominion Championship by beating Vancouver St. Andrews in the finals.

Doug McMahon set a new Canadian goalscoring record by scoring 71 goals during the 1948 season. The previous record was the 60 goals scored by Eddie MacLaine in the 1925 season.

Player roster

Doug Smith – goalkeeper.

Jim Fleming – goalkeeper.

Charlie Warner – fullback.

George White – fullback.

Steve Turley – fullback.

John Sinclair – right half. Jock was born in Scotland and had played for Dundee Football Club.

Dickie Walker – half-back.

Bert Anderson – outside right. Known as Ginger.

Andy Meynes – inside right. 23 years old.

Doug McMahon -center forward.

Bill Chambers – inside left.