With an influx of players imported from South America, Toronto Italia finished in second place in the 1986 National Soccer League final standings.

1986 NSL final standings

Toronto Blizzard141013341221
Toronto Italia13733251217
London Marconi14761272415
First Portuguese14653171815
Windsor Wheels14653242915
St. Catharines Roma1439219368
Toronto Croatia1301039303

The club’s president was Rocco LoFranco. Carlos Delmonte started the season as Italia’s head coach but was replaced by Alex Moore.

Toronto Italia won the NSL Playoff championship by beating Toronto Blizzard 1-0 on September 24, 1986.

1986 Toronto Italia Roster:


Dale Baxter – 20 years old. Formerly with NASL clubs Toronto Blizzard and Washington Diplomats.

Rafael Carbajal – Age 25. Signed from Toronto Croatia.


Daniel Gallo – 27 years old.

Trevor McCallum – 22 years old. Born in Birmingham, England. Started his soccer career with the Aston Villa youth team. Played in the NASL with Toronto Blizzard in the 1983 and 1984 season.

Alejandro Manolio –

Bozidar Milenkovic – 32 years old. Formerly of OFK Belgrade.


Daniel Carvajal – 24 years old. Born in Uruguay. Joined Italia in 1984.

Carlos Lazon – from Peru. Signed before the start of the 1986 season.

Cosimo Comisso – goalscoring midfielder.

Carlos Rivas – 33 years old. Playmaker. Former member of Chile’s 1982 World Cup squad.

Franco LoFranco – 17 years old. Member of the Canadian National Youth Team.


Rodrigo Mafla – 26 years old. From Colombia. Joined Toronto Italia in 1985.

Carlos Salguero – Major Indoor Soccer League star.

Misael Orlandino – from Brazil. Formerly of Santa Clara and Corinthians.

Daniel Simonosky – 20 years old. From Argentina.

Dolican Zainm – 25 years old from Yugoslavia. Formerly of OFK Belgrade.