In 1948 Liverpool Football Club made an extensive tour of North America. The highest attendance to watch a game during their tour was the 17,000 fans who turned up at Maple Leaf Stadium in Toronto on Tuesday June 15.

A newcomer to the Ulster United team was goalkeeper Larry Gage. He had formerly played for Aldershot in the English Football League. He impressed greatly for the Redhanders in their exhibition game against Liverpool. After the season he returned to England where he signed for Fulham. He later played for Gillingham.

Jack Balmer scored two goals for Liverpool. Bill Fagan, Albert Stubbins and Bill Liddell scored once each for the Liverpudlians. Paul Hric scored on a penalty for Toronto Ulster.

When Cy Davies, Ulster left fullback, was injured he was replaced by Bill Kennedy.

Ulster United’s goalkeeper Larry Gage was said to have been sensational.

In an interesting note in the Windsor Star newspaper it said: “William Ferguson, Claremont, Ont., a spectator, died from excitement during the performance”.


Ulster United: Larry Gage; Bill Davison, Cy Davies (Bill Kennedy); Paul Hric, Archie McDowall, Norm Rowley; Art Varley, Tommy Axe, Ronnie Rowe, Jack Rudland, John Gifford. Subs: Kennedy replaced Davies

Liverpool F.C.: Cyril Sidlow; Jim Harley, Lambert; Taylor, Jones, Bob Paisley; Billy Liddell, Jack Balmer, Albert Stubbins, Willie Fagan, Brierley. Subs: Les Shannon replaced Stubbins

Liverpool’s 1948 North American tour results

May 16, 1948 Triborough Stadium
Attendance 8,000
American Soccer League Metropolitan All-Stars 1
Liverpool 5 (Jack Balmer 2, Albert Stubbins 2, Ken Brierley)

May 20, 1948 Baltimore
Attendance: 2,755
Baltimore 2
Liverpool 9 (Jack Balmer 3, Ken Brierley 2, Billy Liddell, Albert Stubbins, Willie Fagan, Jim Harley)

May 23, 1948 Philadelphia
Attendance: 7,500
Philadelphia All-Stars 2
Liverpool 5 (Albert Stubbins 3, Jack Balmer, Billy Liddell)

May 26, 1948 Fall River
Attendance: 8,500
New England All-Stars 0
Liverpool 6 (Albert Stubbins 2, Willie Fagan 2, Bob Priday, Jack Balmer)

May 30, 1948 New York
Attendance: 7,500
American Soccer League All Stars 2
Liverpool 9 (Albert Stubbins 5, Billy Liddell 2, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer)

June 1, 1948 Missouri
Attenance: 7,500
St. Louis All-Stars 2
Liverpool 4 (Billy Liddell 2, Albert Stubbins, Bob Priday)

June 3, 1948 Montreal
Attendance: 12,000
Montreal All-Stars 2
Liverpool 4 (Les Shannon, Jack Balmer, Ken Brierley, Billy Liddell)

June 9, 1948 Ebbets Field
Attendance: 5,000
American Soccer League Metropolitan All-Stars 2
Liverpool 5 (Albert Stubbins 2, Billy Liddell 2, Willie Fagan)

June 15, 1948 Ebbets Field
Attendance: 17,000
Ulster United 1
Liverpool 5 (Jack Balmer 2, Billy Liddell, Willie Fagan, Albert Stubbins)

June 18, 1948 Brooklyn
Djurgårdens IF (Sweden) 2
Liverpool FC 3 (Billy Liddell, Ken Brierley, Jack Balmer)

June 20, 1948 Kearny, New Jersey
Attendance: 7,000
Kearney 0
Liverpool 8 (Jack Balmer 3, Billy Liddell 2, Les Shannon 2, Bob Priday)