On May 21, 1955, a picked team from Ontario played against Huddersfield Town. A crowd of 5600 turned up at Varsity Stadium in Toronto.

The All-Star roster was made up of players that played in the 1955 National Soccer League season.

Huddersfield’s centre-forward Jimmy Glazzard scored two goals in the first half.

Bill Carson scored one for the Ontario All-Star team 32 minutes into the first half.

Ronnie Simpson secured the win for Huddersfield Town by scoring the 3-1 goal in the second half.

The referee was Harry Sadler. The linesmen were Bobby Crawford and Bob Ledbrook of Toronto.


Ontario All-Stars: George Anderson; Tony Shapka, Jack Perrett; Ostap Steckiw, Johnny Syme, Max Johnston; Stan Pawlas, Cec Harrison, Bill Carson, Alex Lawrie, Les Medley.

Huddersfield Town: Wheeler; Brian Gibson, Laurie Kelly; Johnny Mattye, Ken Taylor, Len Quested; Gerry Burrell, Jimmy Watson, Jimmy Glazzard, Tommy Cavanagh, Vic Metcalfe.