5,044 soccer fans turned up at Faillon Stadium in Montreal on July 23, 1959, to watch the local Hungaria club take on Grazer AK of Austria.

Known commonly in Austria as GAK, the visitors were founded in 1902 as the Grazer Athletiksport Klub in Graz, Austria. The club earned promotion to Austria’s top division, the Staatsliga in 1951. Coached by Hungarian Janos Szep Grazer AK had finished the 1958-59 season in seventh place in the 14-team league. The team’s line-up included Austrian international team players Kurt Eigenstiller and Johannes Jank.

Played on a Thursday evening the Austrian club started the game brightly, with Hungaria goalkeeper Hank DeGoeij pulling of three saves within the first ten minutes of play. Hungaria got more into the game and after 16 minutes inside left Andy Toth scored for the local team. Then followed two quick goals for Hungaria, by Arpad Kiraly in the 22 minute and Steve Kenderes in the 27 minute. Andy Toth scored his second goal of the game to give the Hungarians a 4-0 lead after 35 minutes.

The star of the first half was said to be goalkeeper DeGoeij, he was replaced at half-time by Sandor Baranyai. Baranyai, a former Hungarian junior international player, continued with brilliant goalkeeping play for the Hungarians. It was only after 37 minutes of play in the second half that the Austrians got their first goal. The goal was scored by Johannes Jank. With three minutes left Saiko scored Grazer’s second goal.

The play of the two Hungaria goalkeepers were said to be instrumental in their 4-2 win. Hungaria forwards Andy Toth, Arpad Kiraly and Steve Kenderes were also given much praise by the local newspapers.

Ps! It was rumoured that the great Ferenc Puskas would turn out for Hungaria in this match. However, there are no sources confirming that this happened.

Prospective line-ups*

Montreal Hungaria: Hank De Goeij; George Czekly, Tibor Molnar; Tibor Fekete, Herman Pfeiffer, Charles Horvath; Arpad Kiraly, Wagner, Sztankovics, Andy Toth, Steve Kenderes. Substitutes: Ferenc Puskas, Baranyei, Sandor Karsai, Beraxa, Wysh, Klug

Grazer AK: Hans-Jürgen Prexl; Reitermayer, Alfred Kölly; Ginhardt, Erich Frisch, Anton Maier; Johannes Jank, Kurt Eigenstiller, Wilhelm Sgrem, Willi Huberts, Ninaus. Substitutes: Gernot Fraydl (goalkeeper), Ainer, Anderle, Gollnhuber, Subotics.

*As listed in the local newspapers before the match