At 8.30 in the evening of Thursday June 3, 1948, English First Division giants Liverpool Football Club met Montreal All-Stars in an exhibition game at Delorimier Stadium. The Montreal Gazette reported the crowd that watched the game to be close to 12,000.

This was Liverpool’s seventh game on their 1948 North American tour and their first game during the tour in Canada. The tour was sponsored by the American Soccer League and the first game was played in New York on May 16. An A.S.L. All-Star team lost 5-1 to Liverpool in front of 8,000 soccer fans. In the previous game before coming to Montreal, Liverpool had beaten the St. Louis All-Stars 4-2. Liverpool star Albert Stubbins was injured in the game in St. Louis, and he was replaced by Leslie Shannon in the line-up against Montreal.

The game in Montreal started at a fast tempo with Liverpool being the dominant team. Les Shannon scored the visitor’s first goal after three minutes of play. Six minutes later inside right Jack Balmer scored Liverpool’s second goal of the game.

After 45 minutes of play Liverpool had a 2-0 lead.

Nine minutes into the second half Ken Brierly scored for Liverpool. In the 69th minute Montreal was awarded a penalty and Marcel Castonguay scored on his penalty shot. Four minutes later Bill Chambers scored for Montreal. With Liverpool leading 3-2 the game was very tense until Billy Liddell scored to give Liverpool a 4-2 lead 33 minutes into the second half.

The match finished with Liverpool beating Montreal All-Stars 4-2.

In an interview with the Montreal Gazette after the game, Liverpool vice-chairman George Richards said he was impressed by the play of Montreal’s Bill Chambers and Marcel Castonguay.

The referee was Gordie McNaught and he was assisted by Doug Sparrow and Tom Etherington as the linesmen.


Montreal All-Stars: Abe Grosser (Montreal North End); Cunningham (Montreal Stelco), Jimmy Rose (Montreal Stelco); Joe Caplan (Montreal North End), Donnie McLean (Montreal Carsteel), Art Froggatt (Montreal Canadair Falcons); McKenna (Montreal Stelco), Godley (Montreal Stelco), Doug McMahon (Montreal Carsteel), Bill Chambers (Montreal Carsteel), Marcel Castonguay (Montreal Carsteel). Alternates: Menyes (Montreal Carsteel), Sinclair, R. Young.

Liverpool: Cyril Sidlow; Jim Harley, Lambert; Taylor, Jones, Bob Paisley; Billy Liddell, Jack Balmer, Les Shannon, Bill Fagan, Ken Brierly. Alternates: Hughes, Spicer.

Liverpool’s 1948 North American tour results

May 16, 1948 Triborough Stadium
Attendance 8,000
American Soccer League Metropolitan All-Stars 1
Liverpool 5 (Jack Balmer 2, Albert Stubbins 2, Ken Brierley)

May 20, 1948 Baltimore
Attendance: 2,755
Baltimore 2
Liverpool 9 (Jack Balmer 3, Ken Brierley 2, Billy Liddell, Albert Stubbins, Willie Fagan, Jim Harley)

May 23, 1948 Philadelphia
Attendance: 7,500
Philadelphia All-Stars 2
Liverpool 5 (Albert Stubbins 3, Jack Balmer, Billy Liddell)

May 26, 1948 Fall River
Attendance: 8,500
New England All-Stars 0
Liverpool 6 (Albert Stubbins 2, Willie Fagan 2, Bob Priday, Jack Balmer.

May 30, 1948 New York
Attendance: 7,500
American Soccer League All Stars 2
Liverpool 9 (Albert Stubbins 5, Billy Liddell 2, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer)

June 1, 1948 Missouri
Attenance: 7,500
St. Louis All-Stars 2
Liverpool 4 (Billy Liddell 2, Albert Stubbins, Bob Priday)

June 3, 1948 Montreal
Attendance: 12,000
Montreal All-Stars 2
Liverpool 4 (Les Shannon, Jack Balmer, Ken Brierley, Billy Liddell)

June 9, 1948 Ebbets Field
Attendance: 5,000
American Soccer League Metropolitan All-Stars 2
Liverpool 5 (Albert Stubbins 2, Billy Liddell 2, Willie Fagan)

June 15, 1948 Ebbets Field
Attendance: 17,000
Ulster United 1
Liverpool 5 (Jack Balmer 2, Billy Liddell, Willie Fagan, Albert Stubbins)

June 18, 1948 Brooklyn
Djurgårdens IF (Sweden) 2
Liverpool FC 3 (Billy Liddell, Ken Brierley, Jack Balmer)

June 20, 1948 Kearny, New Jersey
Attendance: 7,000
Kearney 0
Liverpool 8 (Jack Balmer 3, Billy Liddell 2, Les Shannon 2, Bob Priday)