Imre Dora was born in Hungary in 1925. He played for Tatabánya in Hungary before fleeing from the country because of the Hungarian revolt. After playing in Germany he came to Canada in the fall of 1958.

Late in September 1958 Imre joined Montreal Hungaria. The Hungarians had just qualified for the National Soccer League play-offs. Imre made his debut for Hungaria in the last regular league game of the 1958 season. He helped Montreal Hungaria win the 1958 National Soccer League championship and the playoff championship.

Montreal Hungaria topped the league table in the 1959 season, until they sold Imre Dora to Hamilton Italo-Canadians in July 1959. Imre ended the 1959 season as the leading goalscorer in the National Soccer League with a 31 goals.

Imre started the 1960 NSL season with Hamilton Italo-Canadians, but later in the season he joined Toronto Hungaria. Imre scored 17 goals in the National Soccer League in the 1960 season. He stayed with Hungaria for another season. He played for Toronto Macedonia in the NSL in the 1962 and 1963 season.

Video, made by Imre’s son, remembering Imre Dora’s fantastic career.

Imre passed away in Montreal on March 22, 2005.