On Wednesday night June 1, 1949, touring Irish club Belfast Celtic played against the Montreal All Stars.

10,000 soccer fans turned up at Delorimier Stadium in Montreal. Before the start of the game Art Froggatt, Montreal captain, presented Belfast Celtic captain Harry Walker with a Canadian flag.

Harry Walker and Paddy Bonnar scored for Belfast Celtic to make it 2-0 to Belfast Celtic at half-time.

The Bugle Band of the Royal Montreal Regiment entertained the crowd at half-time.

Johnny Campbell and Mike O´Flanagan each scored for Celtic in the second half. Doug McMahon scored Montreal’s goal.

Referee: Tom Goring

Linesmen: Bill Betts and Doug Dyer


Montreal All Stars: Fleming; Doug Cunningham, McLean; Joe Caplan, Art Froggatt, Gammon; Campbell, Thomas, Doug McMahon, Bill Chambers, Sweetin.

Belfast Celtic: MAlinden; Simpson, McMillen; Douglas, Currie, Lawlor; Bonnar, Walker, Campbell, O’Flanagan, Hazlett. Subs: Dorman, Moore