A picked team from the English Football Association toured Canada in 1931.

On July 15, 1931 they played against a picked team from the National Soccer League in front of a crowd of 2,500 at the M.A.A.A. Grounds in Montreal.

The goalscorers for the English F.A. team were Cookson with four goals, Hine with two, Barry with two, and Alexander and Smith with one each.

The referee was Horace S. Lyons.


NSL: Joe Kennaway (Montreal CPR); Jack McArthur (Verdun Park), Dick Prior (Ulster United); James Mellin (Montreal Carsteel), Joe Clulow (Ulster United), Hagan (Ulster United); Sam Chedgzoy (Montreal Carsteel), Erno Schwarz (Montreal Carsteel), George Chambers (Hamilton Thistles), George Graham (Ulster United), Dave McEachran (Montreal Carsteel).

English F.A.: Tewkesbury; Shaw, Roughton; Magee, O’Dowd, Oliver; Alexander, Smith, Cookson, Hine, Barry.