One of the highest crowds by so far to watch a soccer game in Montreal, that is 13,000 fans, turned up at the Baseball Stadium in Montreal on Saturday May 20, 1950. They got the delight of seeing a fabulous England team play fantastic football.

Nat Lofthouse scored three goals for England, John Hancocks and Frank Bowyer scored two goals each.


Montreal All Stars: Dave Kaplan; Doug Cunningham, Jim Rose; J. Sinclair, Joe Caplan, G. Serratti; Bob McKenna, Andy Menyes, Doug McMahon, J. McLachlan, Bob Horrocks

England XI: S. Hanson; B. Mozley, B. Ellerington; R. Johnston, Reg Flewin, T. Ward; Stan Matthews, F. Bowyer, Nat Lofthouse, J. Hagen, Johnny Hancocks.