Jorge Piotti goes for goal

Soccer superstars Carlos Metidieri and Jorge Piotti made a surprise return to Canadian league soccer on June 20, 1967. The pair had starred with Toronto Italia in the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League, but that league disappeared after its 1966 season and they had ended up playing in the United States with the semi-pro Boston Tigers.

On Tuesday night June 20 the Roma club took on Toronto Hungaria in a National Soccer League game at Stanley Park in Toronto. Toronto Roma signed Carlos Metidieri and Jorge Piotti for a one-match appearance.

The first goal of the game came at the 12th minutes when Frank Rosati scored on a header for Roma. 13 minutes later Danish star Anders Yrfelt scored to give Roma a 2-0 lead at half-time.

Former Scottish Leaguer Bob Nicol scored Roma’s third goal 15 minutes into the second half. 75 minutes into the second half Wolfgang Fischer scored Toronto Hungaria’s first goal of the game.

Jorge Piotti scored Roma’s fourth goal 43 minutes into the second half. One minute later Kurt Dvorak scored Hungaria’s second goal.

The match ended in a 4-2 win for Toronto Roma. However, the result started a longlasting dispute between the Roma club and the NSL.

Straight after the match Toronto Hungaria protested that Metidieri and Piotti had played in the game. The Roma club recieved a $600 fine. They refused to pay and then decided to quit the National Soccer League. After weeks of squabbling Roma returned to the NSL to fulfill their schedule and finished the 1967 NSL season in second place in the final standing.

Photo: unknown source