The Hungaria Sport Club of Toronto joined the National Soccer League before the start of the 1952 season. They were seen as a prospective and well-run club, and quickly became contenders for the top honours. When they joined the league the club was heavily influenced by the arrival of new players and club officials from Hungary.

When the supply of new players ran out the club started to struggle. After a mid-table finish in the 1955 season, they finished the 1956 season in a lowly 8th place finish in the nine-team league.

The Hungaria club were managed by the great Kalman Lami in the 1957 season.

After the 1956 Hungarian revolution a new stream of players started to arrive in Canada. This would greatly improve Hungaria’s fortunes . Hungaria finished the 1957 regular season in fourth place in the league standings.

Player roster

Joe Hein – goalkeeper

Tim Rideout – fullback.

A. Friedman

A. Csirik

Karol Kalocsay

Erwin Kariko – forward. Read about Erwin here

Imre Markovics

Frank Morowik

A. Berexa 

Aurél Szondi – forward. Read about Aurel here

Paul Pocz I


George Beencsics

Robert Fieger

Tommy Szigeti

Johnny Kiss

Arpad Csuzmann

Tibor Koos

Kalman Lami – coach. You can read more about Kalman Lami here

Final standings – Western Division

Toronto Italia271845593141
White Eagles271539744439
Toronto Hungaria271197513929
Ulster United2711106555428
Malta United278118385224
Toronto Ukraina278145374821
East End Canadians274185356513
Toronto Sparta272178368012