After the humiliating defeat against the English Internationals on May 20, little hope was given to the Montreal All Stars against Manchester United on June 7, 1950. This was reflected in the rather poor turnout of a crowd of only 6,000 at Delorimier Stadium in Montreal.

Dominion Football Association vice-president John Nolan kicked off the match. The match was quite even for the first 30 minutes of play until Manchester United inside left John Downie scored on a cross from Charlie Mitten.

Montreal inside right Andy Menyes evened the score after 34 minutes on a cross from outside left Doug McMahon.

40 minutes into the match, left halfback Willie Gammon accidentally put the ball in his own net when a cross from Jim Delaney hit his head and finished up behind the Montreal goalkeeper. The All Stars pushed on in the final minutes trying to tie the match but failed to score.

The match was said to re-establish soccer prestige in Montreal. Montreal goalkeeper Dave Kaplan was said to be the star of the game.

The referee of the match was Doug Sparrow. The linesmen were Ed Larner and Bill Betts.


Montreal All Stars: Dave Kaplan; Harold Voce, Jimmy Rose; Joe Caplan, Art Froggatt, Willie Gammon; Bob McKenna, Andy Menyes, Stan Rose, Jim McLachlan, Doug McMahon. Subs: Cunningham, Sinclair, McAuley.

Manchester United: Jack Crompton; John Carey, John Aston; Tom Lowry, Sam Lynn, Henry Cockburn, Jim Delaney, Tom Bogan, Jack Rowley, John Downie, Charlie Mitten. Sub: Stan Pearson