On June 23, 1930, the soccer team representing Canadian National Railways in Toronto played against Kilmarnock Football Club.

A crowd said to be close to 1,500 watched the match at Ulster Stadium in Toronto. The score at half-time was 0-0.

Bill McManus scored for Toronto C.N.R. early in the second half. Cunningham scored for Kilamrnock,

The match ended in a 1-1 tie.

In their next game in Canada, Kilmarnock played against Ulster United on June 25.


Toronto C.N.R.: Stanley Ball; William Connor, Charles McMainn; Alex Mair, Joe Clulow, Rogers;
Harry Gibson, Arthur Tuckwell, William McManus, William Woolacott, Thomas Tigert.

Kilmarnock F.C.: Clemie; Leslie, Nibloe; Stewart, T. Smith, McEwan; Wales, M. Smith, Cunningham,
Ramsey, Aitken.