4,000 soccer fans turned up at Toronto’s Ulster Stadium to watch Toronto All-Stars play against Austria’s Hakoah Wien club.

Three minutes into the game George Graham gave Toronto the lead.

15 minutes into the game Nickolsburger scored to make it 1-1. He scored another goal eight minutes later to give Hakoah a 2-1 lead.

George Graham scored to make it 2-2. Jimmy Galloway scored Toronto’s third goal.

The referee was W. Mitchell


Toronto: Art Halliwell; Bob Calder, Herring; McCrone, Joe Clulow, Matthews; Roy Faulkner, R. Lavery, George Graham, Jimmy Galloway, Burness.

Hakoah: Alex Fabian; Scheur, Gold; Fried, Guttman, Hess; Schwarz, Moritz Haeusler, Nickolsburger, Gruenwald, Wortmann.