On June 13, 1928 a crowd of 15,000 watched what was rated at the time as one of the best exhibitions of football shown in Canada. The match was played at Maple Leaf Stadium in Toronto.

17′ McPhail scored for Rangers

20′ McPhail scored for Rangers

Cunningham scored for Rangers

30′ Faulkner (Ulster United) injured ankle. Substituted by Tom Cowan.

??’ McPhail scored for Rangers

??’ McPhail scored for Rangers

??’ Fleming scored for Rangers

??’ Fleming scored for Rangers

Fraser starred in goal for the Ulstermen.

The referee was W. Mitchell.


Ulster: Fraser; David Eadie, Walter Rankin; Sam Grant, Fred Williams, Joe Clulow; Roy Faulkner, Hagen, George Graham, Jimmy Galloway, Jimmy Moir. Subs: Tommy Cowan for Roy Faulkner

Glasgow Rangers: Hamilton; Gray, McCandless; Muirhead, Meiklejohn, Craig; Archibald, Cunningham, Fleming, McPhail, Morton.