On May 22, 1930 the Oshawa Nationals played against Scottish club Kilmarnock in Oshawa. Nearly 3,000 soccer fans watched the match.

Kilmarnock’s centre-forward Cunningham was the star of the game as he scored three of the visitors goals. Williamson and Ramsey scored one each for Kilmarnock.

Oshawa Nationals reached the semi-finals in the Ontario Cup in the 1930 season.


Oshawa Nationals: Smith; Connors, Davidson; Hurst, Brodie, Coll; Sturch, McGregor, Christian Sathrang, Mickey Petersen, Muir.

Kilmarnock: Clemie; Robertson, Nibloe; Clark, Stewart, McEwan; Wales, Aitken, Cunningham, Williamson, Ramsey.