Edward and Thomas McLeod were born in Glasgow, Scotland. Tommy McLeod was born on August 22, 1937 and his brother Eddie McLeod was born a year later.

Eddie McLeod started his career with Craigton Athletic. After serving with the Royal Air Force he signed for Scottish Second Division club Berwick Rangers in July 1956. He played in 28 league games and scored 10 goals in the 1956-57 season. In May 1957 he was given a free transfer by Berwick Rangers. He spent the 1957-58 season with Stoke City, before returning to Scotland and joining Cowdenbeath.

After a short spell with Albion Rovers in the 1959-1960 season Eddie emigrated to Canada. The 147-pound centre forward joined the Polish White Eagles in Toronto. He scored 13 league goals in the 1960 National Soccer League season.

Dundee United signed Tommy in 1960 from Scottish junior club Ardeer Thistle. Struggling with injuries he only played in seven first division games and scored 2 goals for United. After the 1960-61 season he was given a free transfer.

The inside left then moved to Toronto to join his brother with the White Eagles. He made his debut in the National Soccer League in a cup game against Toronto Roma in June 1961.

Tommy spent the winter of 1961-62 back in Scotland. He played in one game for Inverness Caledonians and one game for Greenock Morton. In January 1962 he had a one month trial with English non-league club Cheltenham Town.

In the summer of 1962 the brothers joined forces again and played for Buffalo White Eagles in the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League. Despite their skillfull play the brothers failed to help the Eagles avoid a last-place finish. Eddie scored six goals during the 1962 season.

In September 1962 Tommy joined the New York Ukrainians in the German-American League. Eddie spent the winter of 1962-63 with Newark Ukrainian Sitch in the American Soccer League.

Tommy played for Hamilton Steelers in the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League in the 1963 and 1964 seasons.

In September 1964 Tommy signed for Hartford Soccer Club. He scored four league goals as the club won the 1964-65 American Soccer League championship. He returned to Canada and played for Toronto Hungaria from 1965 to 1966 in the National Soccer League.

Tommy settled in Toronto and still lives there. In an interview with the Dundee Evening Telegraph on April 15, 2015, he told of his time in Canada and also that he was paid $70 a week while playing for the Eagles.