Portugal’s world-famous Benfica club went on a three-game tour of Canada in June 1978. In their first match on the tour they beat Edmonton Black Gold 3-1. In their second test they defeated Panhellenic 7-0 in Toronto.

The third match of their tour was played at the artificial grass at McGill Stadium in Montreal. Their opponents Montreal Castors played in a number of exhibition games during the 1978 season, as well as being members of the National Soccer League.

The half-time score was 0-0.

In the 47th minute Humberto Coelho scored for Benfica.


Montreal Castors



Manuel Bento – goalkeeper

Antonio Fidalgo – goalkeeper

Antonio Bastos Lopes – defender

Minervino Pietra – defender

Humberto Coelho – defender

Eurico Gomes – defender

Alberto Fonseco – defender

Joaquim Pereirinha – defender

Toni – midfielder

Alhinho – midfielder

Alves – midfielder

Chelso – midfielder

Jose Luis – forward

Rui Lopes – forward

Nené – forward

Fernando Chalana – forward

Sheu – forward