Full name:Istvan Kenderesi
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:Hungary

Playing career:

1959Montreal Hungaria
1960Montreal Hungaria13
1961Montreal Hungaria
1962Montreal Hungaria7
1963Montreal Ukraina
1963B.K. Johl
1964Montreal Cantalia
1966Montreal Hungaria19
1966-1967New York Giuliana
1967Montreal Hungaria21
1968Montreal Hungaria19


Commonly known Steve Kenderes in Canadian soccer, while officially known as Kenderesi.

Played in Hungarian soccer before coming to Canada in 1959. Joined Montreal Hungaria and played in the 1959 National Soccer League. Also played for the Montreal Hungaria Seconds in the Quebec National Soccer League.

Went on to star for Montreal Hungaria in the National Soccer in 1961 and 1962.

Toured Europe with Montreal Germania-Kickers in April 1962.

In the 1962 season Montreal Hungaria were members of the Quebec National Soccer League. Steve tied for third place with Andy Toth and Peter Kluge in the leading goalscorers list in the 1962 QNSL.

Played for Eintracht in New York in the 1962-1963 German-American League.

In 1963 Montreal Hungaria decided not to operate as a professional club, and Steve was signed by Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League club Montreal Ukraina. After the 1963 ECPSL season he joined B.K. Johl for the remainder of the 1963 season.

Joined Montreal Cantalia before the start of the 1964 season. Cantalia rejoined the (Ontario) National Soccer League in 1964, making it again an inter-provincial league. Cantalia finished the season in second place in the final standings.

Spent the 1965 season with Superga in the Montreal Major League.

Scored 19 goals for Montreal Hungaria in the 1966 Quebec National Soccer League Major Division, and won the league’s 1966 High Scoring Trophy.

Commuted to New York during the 1965-1966 season to play for Giuliana in the German-American League.

Won the scoring crown in the 1967 season with Montreal Hungaria, and for a third year in a row in the 1968 Quebec National Soccer League.