The trophy was presented by T. R. McLagan in 1944. It was awarded to the most valuable player in Montreal. McLagan was at the time president of Canadian Vickers.

The award was started after a suggestion by sportswriter Charlie “UNO” Milne.


1944Johnny CameronCanadair Falcons
1945Bobby HutchinsonMontreal Carsteel
1946Willie GammonCanadair Falcons
1947Doug CunninghamMontreal Stelco
1948Tommy MacIntoshMontreal Stelco
1949Bill ChambersMontreal Cancar
1950Joe CaplanMontreal Hakoah
1951Hughie GodleyMontreal Cancar
1952Bill GillMontreal Stelco
1953Ota KratochvilMontreal Italia
1954Alex MomessoMontreal Italia
1955Bill DrakeMontreal Ukraina
1956Bill DrakeMontreal Ukraina
1957Zenon SnylykMontreal Ukraina
1958Herman PfeifferMontreal Hungaria
1959Bobby JohnstoneMontreal Cantalia
1960Nevio VarglienMontreal Cantalia
1961Hector MarinaroMontreal Concordia
1962Peter KlugeMontreal Kickers
1963Roberto ResquinCantalia & Ukraina
1964Romano CoriItalia & Cantalia
1965Nevio VarglienMontreal Italica
1966Julius KlugMontreal Hungaria
1967Ed RussellMontreal Lachine
1968Hans KoelbliMontreal Hakoah
1969Willie CogneeMontreal Kalena
1970Not known