Full name:Tibor Sztankovics
Date of Birth:1 December 1929
Place of Birth:Hungary

Playing career:

1957Montreal Hungaria
1958Montreal Hungaria22
1959Montreal Hungaria14
1960Montreal Hungaria23
1960-1961Ukrainian Nationals
1961Montreal Hungaria
1962Montreal Ukraina
1963Montreal Ukraina9


Tibor started his soccer career with Spartacus in his native Hungary.

In 1957 he joined Quebec National Soccer League club Montreal Hungaria.

Before the start of the 1958 season Montreal Hungaria joined the inter-provincial National Soccer League. Tibor helped Hungaria win the 1958 NSL Championship.

In 1960 he joined American Soccer League club Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals.

Won the US Open Cup with Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals in the 1960-1961 season.

Played for Montreal Ukrainia in the Quebec National Soccer League in the 1962 season.

Before the start of the 1963 season Montreal Ukrainia joined the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League.