Full name:Nigel D. Sims
Date of Birth:09 August 1931
Place of Birth:Coton-in-Elms, England

Playing career:

09.19481948-1949Wolverhampton WanderersFootball League
1949-1950Wolverhampton WanderersFootball League
1950-1951Wolverhampton WanderersFootball League
1951-1952Wolverhampton WanderersFootball League
1952-1953Wolverhampton WanderersFootball League
1953-1954Wolverhampton WanderersFootball League
1954-1955Wolverhampton WanderersFootball League
1955-1956Wolverhampton WanderersFootball League
03.19561955-1956Aston VillaFootball League
1956-1957Aston VillaFootball League
1957-1958Aston VillaFootball League
1958-1959Aston VillaFootball League
1959-1960Aston VillaFootball League
1960-1961Aston VillaFootball League
1961-1962Aston VillaFootball League
1962-1963Aston VillaFootball League
1963-1964Aston VillaFootball League
04.19641964Toronto CityECPSL
09.19641964-1965Peterborough UnitedFootball League
1965Toronto CityECPSL
03.19661966Toronto Italia-FalconsECPSL
1967Toronto FalconsNASL


Played for the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League All-Stars against Scottish touring club Heart of Midlothian in an exhibition game on June 5, 1964. In front of a crowd of 6,032 Hearts won 2-0.

Suffered a broken leg in the first match of the 1967 season and had to sit out the rest of the season.