Full name:Jose Carlos Metidieri
Date of Birth:December 18, 1942
Place of Birth:Sorocaba, Brazil
Date of Death:
Weight:150 lbs

Playing career:

1963Toronto Italia
1964Toronto Italia11
1964-1965Boston Metros5
1965Toronto Italia19
1966Toronto Italia17
1966-1967Boston Tigers
1967Toronto Inter-Roma
1968Los Angeles Wolves3216537
1969Rochester Lancers17
1970Rochester Lancers2314735
1971Rochester Lancers2419846
1972Rochester Lancers125111
1972-1973Elizabeth SC
1973Rochester Lancers19248
1974Boston Minutemen205313
1975Boston Minutemen0000
1978Buffalo Blazers
1979-1980Buffalo Stallions
1980-1981Rochester Jets SC
1982-1983Pizza Galore


Carlos started his soccer career in São Paulo in Brazil. In 1963 he came to Canada and joined Eastern Professional Soccer League club Toronto Italia.

Played for the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League All-Stars against Scottish touring club Heart of Midlothian in an exhibition game on June 5, 1964. In front of a crowd of 6,032 Hearts won 2-0.

Joined Eastern Conference club Boston Metros in September 1964.

Carlos returned to Toronto Italia for the 1965 ECPSL season. He was the leading goal scorer in the ECPSL in the 1965 season.

He starred for Toronto Italia against Benfica on August 30, 1966 and was said to have received an offer to join the Portuguese giants.

He was voted as the Most Valuable Player in the ECPSL in the 1966 season and was the leading goal scorer.

On July 1969 he starred for the American Soccer League All-Stars when he scored all four goals in their 4-3 win over Chilean club Universidad Católica.

Won the North American Soccer League championship with Rochester Lancers in the 1970 season.

Voted as the Most Valuable Player in the NASL in the 1970 and 1971 seasons.

Played for Elizabeth Soccer Club in the German-American League in the 1972-1973 season.

After retiring from professional soccer Carlos owned a pizza parlor in Rochester and worked as a soccer coach.

In April 1978 he played in an exhibition game for National Soccer League club Buffalo Blazers against London City.

In December 1979 he came out of retirement to play for Buffalo Stallions in the Major Indoor Soccer League.

In October 1980 he joined the Jets Soccer Club.