Full name:Paul Geier
Date of Birth:10 November, 1934
Place of Birth:Austria
Date of Death:Windsor, Ontario
Place of Death:3 April 2010
Hometown:Windsor, Ontario

Playing career:

1952Windsor Teutonia
1953Windsor Teutonia
1954Windsor Teutonia
1955Windsor Teutonia
1956Windsor Teutonia
1957Windsor Teutonia
1958Windsor Teutonia
1959Windsor Teutonia
1960Windsor Teutonia
1961Windsor Teutonia
1962Windsor Teutonia
1963Windsor Teutonia
1964Windsor Teutonia
1965Windsor Teutonia


Paul first made his mark in soccer with Windsor Teutonia in the Essex County Soccer League in the 1952 season. He won the Essex County Soccer League championship with Teutonia in the 1954 season.

Played for the Essex County All-Stars against Austria’s famous club Rapid Wien on 20 July 1960.

He was named as the Most Valuable Player in the Essex County Soccer League in the 1962 season.

Played for Windsor Teutonia in the National Soccer League in the 1965 season.

Paul worked for the Ford Motor Co. and continued to be an active member of the Windsor Teutonia Soccer Club.

Paul passed away on 3 April 2010 in Windsor, Ontario.