Full name:Jens Kraemer
Date of Birth:14 July 1963
Place of Birth:Hamburg, Germany
Weight:190 lbs

Playing career:

1980London City
1981London City
1982London City
1983Toronto Nationals
1983London City
1984London Marconi
1985London Marconi
1986London Marconi
1987London Marconi
1988North York Rockets282
1989North York Rockets253
1990North York Rockets261
1991North York Rockets270
1992North York Rockets192
1993Toronto Rockets
1994Toronto Rockets
1995Toronto Italia
1996Oakville Western Canadians


Jens Kraemer started playing soccer in the St. Thomas Minor Soccer Association.

Started his senior soccer career with London Marconi in the National Soccer League.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Education.

Joined Canadian Soccer League club North York Rockets in 1988.