Competition:1958 Exhibition games
Stadium:Delorimier Stadium, Montreal, Quebec

Match report

On Thursday night 24 July 1958 Austria’s seven-time champions Admira Wien played against National Soccer League club Montreal Hungaria.

The Austrian club was described in the Canadian media as one of the world’s most-travelled clubs. This as they during earlier tours had visited countries like South Africa, Syria, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Ireland, Malaya, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, aggregating more than 60,000 miles. The team was said to use the “Scheiberlspiel” that was made famous by the Austrian National Team.

Local newspapers were optimistic about Montreal Hungaria’s chances, describing how, they through immigration had been strengthened by players who could make most European and Old Country clubs.

According to the local newspapers the Austrian ambassador to Ottawa, Dr. Kurt Waldheim (!), would kick the opening ball of the game.

In 80-degree temperatures 5,500 soccer fans watched Hungaria’s Tibor Stankovics score the first goal of the game after only two minutes.

Then Hungaria left-back Tibor Molnar fouled Admira’s Friederich Ceyka and referee Yarnell awarded the visitors a penalty. Ceyka scored on the penalty kick. 23 minutes into the game he increased the score to 2-1.

37 minutes into the game inside right Karl Soldatics scored for Admira.

Montreal Hungaria’s Tibor Fekete headed in Arpad Kiraly’s corner kick 40 minutes into the game.

43 minutes into the game Anton Polster passed to Johann Gerdenits who gave Admira a half-time lead of 4-2.

Nine minutes into the second half Steve Bence scored for Hungaria.

Ceyka scored another goal 25 minutes into the second half to give Admira Wien a 5-3 lead.

Vittorio Santini scored the best goal of the game when he took a pass from Tibor Fekete to reduce the lead to 5-4.

With 16 minutes to go Karoly Horvath tied it at 5-5 with 16 minutes to go.

Ceyka scored the winning goal when he streaked in from right wing to score at 41 minutes of the second half on a pass from Anton Polster.

The thrilling game ended in a 6-5 win for the Austrian tourists.

Montreal Hungaria roster

Studlik – goalkeeper

Hans Koebli – goalkeeper

Karoly Horvath – left fullback

Tibor Molnar – half-back

Herman Pfeiffer – half-back

Tibor Wagner – half-back

Tibor Fekete – forward

Steve Bencze – forward

Arpad Kiraly – forward

Vittorio Santini – forward (guest player)

Tibor Sztankovicz – forward

Zoltan Teli – forward

Thumbnail Sketches of Admira Wien F.C.

OTTO ALEX , Goalkeeper, is 29. He transferred to Admira Wien from Rapid Wien. He has six international caps. He was also on the World Cup team in 1954 which finished third at Switzerland.

HERBERT HANSEY, Left Fullback, is 30. Played for Austria against England and Scotland and most of the European teams. Is one of the most aggressive defenders in European soccer.

ERICH HABITZL, Left Half, 30 , has played more international games than any man on the team . He is a brilliant schemer who can score goals when the pattern of play finds him near goal. Is the leader of the defense. Fans will like his play.

KARL SOLDATICS, Right Winger, 27 , a fast and tricky player. He has played many junior international games for Austria. Played against Hungary in 1954 World Cup.

OTTO LINC , Wing Half, 29 , is also on international with five caps. Is a particularly tricky ball handler. Was a member of Austria’s junior international team which won the FIFA tournament.

RAYMOND RICHTER, Centre Half, 26 , is Austria’s top player in that position. He has played for his country on six occasions. He is a brilliant tactician and a difficult man to pass. He is a fine sportsman, too.

LEOPOLD EISNER, Inside Forward or Wing Half, 22 , has been with Admira Wien two years: He possesses a strong shot in either foot and is an admirable tactician. Played in four Austrian junior international teams.

FRIEDRICH CEYKA , Right Wing, 25 , does the hundred in ten flat and on the field is known as the “bomber”. He played for Austria’s World Cup team in 1954.

OTTO STEINER, Wing Half, 26 , who has a reputation as a goal scorer. The inter-change pattern play of the team gives wing halves ample opportunity to score goals. He is one of his countries highest scorers.

ANTON POLSTER, 28 , can play any position in the forward line. He possesses several international caps. One of Austria’s top goal scorers. Has powerful shot with both feet. He came to Admira Wien from the famed Wacker Wien club.

HANS GAENGER, Forward, 29, brilliant dribbler and goal scorer. Has many full international caps and also six junior caps. He has represented his country at wing half also.

RUDOLPH PINGERA, Wing or Inside Forward, 26. He is a product of Admira Wien club having graduated in the club’s juvenile and junior teams. He too is known for his skill with the ball and his short passing technique.

KARL RATH, Reserve Goalkeeper, 23, who has had considerable experience with the first team but has to take second place to the team ‘s first choice, Alex Otto.

JOHANN GERDENITS, Forward, 2 2 , has been a top senior player with Admira Wien for four years. He is an aggressive, tireless and a brilliant general in the attack. He too is an international. Has gained the reputation as a place kicker.

NORBERT SCHILLING , Wing Half, 20 , one of the youngest players on the team and one of the youngest internationals in Austria. Also possesses four junior international caps.

JOSEF NEMANSKI, Forward, 20, who is coming into prominence. Has four junior international caps. He is a product of the Admira’s juvenile ond junior farm system. Played as a full international lost season.

KARL HUBER, Forward, 20 , and the baby of the team— although two of his team mates are also only 20. He is a product of the famous Rapid Wien team. He is aggressive and has a fine shot.