Full name:Pat Cubellis
Date of Birth:7 February 1967
Place of Birth:Toronto, Ontario

Playing career:

Scarborough Maple Leafs
1986Panhellenic Olympics
1987North York Rockets192
1988Toronto Blizzard30
1989Panhellenic Olympics
1990London Lasers252
1990Panhellenic Olympics


Started his career playing pewee soccer for the Scarborough Maple Leafs.

Won the Provincial U-18 Championship with Scarborough Maple Leafs in 1985.

Played for the Canadian National Youth Team.

Played for the Scarborough-located Panhellenic Olympics in the 1986 National Soccer League season.

Played for Toronto Blizzard in the Canadian Soccer League in the 1988 season.

Also played for the University of Toronto Blues.

Joined London Lasers for the 1990 Canadian Soccer League season.