Full name:Oscar Albuquerque
Date of Birth:4 September 1954
Place of Birth:Lima, Peru
Weight:155 lbs

Playing career:

Laurentian University
1978Toronto Metros-Croatia0000
1979Hamilton Italo-Canadians
1980Buffalo Blazers
1980-1981Denver Avalanche37152742
1981-1982Denver Avalanche43152540
1982-1983Phoenix Inferno48333467
1983Hamilton Steelers
1983-1984Phoenix Inferno47212950
1984-1985Las Vegas Americans398614
1985-1986Los Angeles Lazers17459
1986-1987Memphis Storm24351843
1986-1987New York Express13235
1987North York Rockets140
1987Hamilton Steelers40
1987-1988Chicago Sting53221638
1988-1989Chicago Power37161748
1989-1990Chicago Power215919
1990-1991Illinois Thunder404045
1991-1992Illinois Thunder912


Was on an amateur contract with Toronto Metros-Croatia in the 1978 North American Soccer League season.

Played for Buffalo Blazers in the 1980 National Soccer League season.

Signed a one-year contract with Major Indoor Soccer League club Denver Avalanche in September 1980.

Signed for Major Indoor Soccer League club Phoenix Inferno on 21 June 1983.

Signed for Major Indoor Soccer League club New York Express from Memphis Storm on 7 January 1987.

Joined Canadian Soccer League club Hamilton Steelers in 1987.

Signed for Canadian Soccer League club North York Rockets from Hamilton Steelers on 10 July 1987.

Signed for Chicago Power on 19 October 1989 to a one-year contract.