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The Buffalo Blazers soccer team was formed in 1976. They paid a franchise fee of $5,000 to become members of the National Soccer League.

In March 1976 it was announced that they had paid a $5,000 rental fee for Lackawanna Stadium. They would also pay 20% of the concessions. The stadium was located at South Park Avenue, Lackawanna, New York.

Before the 1977 season Buffalo Blazers decided to move into War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo. This was the old home of the NFL Buffalo Bills. Known as the “old rock-pile”, it was said to be in dire need of repairs and was located in what was considered a detoriated area. Seating capacity was 47,000.

On Sunday 5, 1977, Buffalo Blazers hosted Italian club Lazio at War Memorial Stadium in an exhibition game. The Italians won 6-1.

The Blazers attracted between 75 and 300 fans to their league games at War Memorial Stadium.

In the beginning of July 1978 the Blazers moved out of War Memorial Stadium. In a bid to try to attract more fans they moved to Hyde Park Stadium, Niagara Falls. They played their first home game there against Hamilton Italo-Canadians on Sunday July 9.

After taking a one year leave of absence from the NSL, the Blazers returned to the league for the 1980 season. They also made a return to the Lackwanna Stadium. After a mid-table finish they dropped out of the league.

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