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The England United Soccer Club was formed in Toronto in December 1934. They were known as the Bulldogs. Their application for admittance to the National Soccer League failed at the annual general meeting held on January 12, 1935 in Montreal. However, later that year they were admitted to the NSL.

In their opening game of the 1935 National Soccer League they were beaten by Toronto Scottish. Scottish won 5-1 in Toronto on May 4. The season proved to be challenging one for England United and they finished in last place in the Western Division.

England United won their first game of the 1936 NSL season when they defeated Hamilton City 2-1 on May 23 in Toronto. They yet again finished last in the league standings. However, they did have som success in the Ontario Cup by reaching the semi-finals.

In 1937 England United hired Canadian star player Jimmy Galloway as their player coach. With the help of Galloway the United’s play improved greatly and for much of the season they were placed near the the top of the NSL league standings.

Jimmy Galloway, Amos Woodward and future NHL goalkeeper Harry McQueston starred for England United in the 1938 season. The club reached the Toronto district finals of the Dominion Cup.

In 1939 England United reached the play-offs finals in the western section of the National Soccer League.

In the 1940 season they finished second in the NSL Western Division. They also won the Ontario Cup and qualified for the Eastern finals of the Dominion Cup. However, due to the World War the Dominion Cup finals were cancelled.

England United folded after the 1941 National Soccer League season.

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