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196522895216th of 12 clubs
19662842842342127th of 8 clubs
196722414427611212th of 12 clubs
1968187th of 10 clubs
197026518321841313th of 14 clubs

The mother club was the Kitchener Concordia club that was formed in Kitchener, Ontario, in 1873. The club was formed to celebrate and promote German culture. The club is still existance and is located at 429 Ottawa St S, Kitchener.

Due to World War II the club disbanded all activities in 1939. When the troubles of war was over the club took up its activities. In the early 1950’s the club started up a soccer team. The soccer club was known as Kitchener-Waterloo Kickers.

In 1953 the soccer club won the South-Ontario Soccer Association second division championship. The win meant that the club was promoted to the Southern Ontario Soccer League first division.

Kitchener Concordia participated in the Toronto-operated International Soccer League in the 1959 season.

In 1960 the club competed in the International League that was based in Hamilton.

In 1962 the Kitchener-Waterloo Kickers were members of the Southern Ontario Soccer League.

In May 1964 the club won the Courier Trophy by beating Ottawa Maple Leafs. Nine teams from Ontario competed in the cup. They also took part in the 1964 Ontario Cup.

In February 1965 the club had its application for membership in the National Soccer League accepted.

The club played in the NSL until 1971.

They later played in the Kitchener and District League.

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