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Willys-Overland Football Club was formed in Toronto in 1918. Known as the Automen or the Motormen, the team was sponsored by the Willys-Overland Company.

The club joined the Toronto & District Senior League in 1918.

They were losing finalists in the 1920 Ontario Cup final and also lost the Brigden Cup final the same year.

In the 19221923 and 1924 seasons they were members of the Inter-City League. In 1925 they were members of the Inter-Provincial League.

In 1926 they were members of the Toronto Senior Soccer League. Willys-Overland won the 1926 British Consols Trophy.

Willys joined the Inter-Provincial League in 1927. In 1928 the clubs in the Inter-Provincial League moved to the National Soccer League. Willys-Overland dropped out from the National Soccer League after the 1928 season.

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