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The aim of this website has been since going online in 2018, to collect and provide as much information as possible about Canadian Soccer History as possible.

The National Soccer League was formed in 1926 and operated in Ontario and Quebec.

The Canadian Soccer League started operating in 1987, and was a nationwide league.

In January 1993 the National Soccer League and the Canadian Soccer League merged to form the nationwide Canadian National Soccer League and lasted until the end of the 1997 season.

We also cover the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League (1961-1966), Canadian Professional Soccer League (1983) and Toronto & District Soccer League, as so many teams and players switched between the National Soccer League and these leagues.

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1926-1992National Soccer League
1987-1992Canadian Soccer League
1993-1997Canadian National Soccer League
1961-1966Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League
1983Canadian Professional Soccer League


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