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In March 1957 Hamilton Hungaria applied for membership in the Hamilton and District Soccer League. The team was sponsored by Julius Schmidt. In December 1956 Schmidt visited Vienna, Austria, to recruit players. He came back with 18 Hungarian refugee soccer players for the new team.

As well as competing in the 1957 Hamilton and District League the club also took part in the provincial qualifying games for the Dominion Cup. Windsor Corinthians eliminated Hamilton Hungaria in the Ontario Final that was played in Windsor.

In 1958 the club joined the National Soccer League. Hungaria finished in eighth place in the league table.

Before the 1959 season the team changed its name to Hamilton Cougars. The season was a struggle and the club finished in last place in the league standings. At the NSL annual general meeting held in Toronto on January 16, 1960, the club was voted out of the league.

A new Hungarian club called Hamilton United Hungarian Football Club was formed in 1962.

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