National Soccer League

1926- 1997 Canadian National Soccer League Archives

1925 Season

1925 Inter-City League

Secretary: J. Innes

Before the season started the league decided to reduce the numbers of clubs from twelve to eight. They did anyway end up as a nine-club league.

Toronto Caledonians replaced Grenadier Guards in the league.

Review of the season

Carsteel opened their League season with a game against Hamilton City in Montreal on Saturday May 2. Carsteel defeated Hamilton City 4-1 with Eddie McLaine scoring all four of Carsteel’s goals. Twaddle scored for Hamilton City.

Carsteel won the 1925 Inter-Provincial League championship, the Quebec Cup and P.Q.F.A. Connaught Cup series.

After the season Montreal Carsteel and Ulster United dropped out from the league and formed the National Soccer League.

Results and standings

Other leagues and cups

Toronto & District Football Association

President: Tom Holland

There were 1,421 players registered in the Toronto & District Football Association in the 1925 season.

1925 Champions

Toronto City champions: Beavers

Carter Cup: Hepburn Thistle

Siberry Cup: West End

Hiltz Cup: Todmorden

Bailey Cup: Oakwood Crescents

Powell Shield: Corinthians

International: Ireland

1925 Toronto & District Soccer League

First Division

Teams: Clarkes, Crescent, Davenport Albions, Defenders, Dominion Stores, Dunlops, Lancashire, Mimico Beach, Queen’s Park, Swifts and T.T.C.

Dominion Stores were formed in 1925 by former Ulster United president W. Pentland and joined the Toronto & District League the same year.

Crescents and Davenport Albion joined the T. & D. League from the 1924 Inter-City League.

Standings as of November 4, 1925

  1. Mimico Beach

Champions: Mimico Beach

Runners-up: Swifts

After the season Clarke’s and Defenders left the league.

Second Division

Standings as of October 28, 1925

Third Division

Standings as of October 28, 1925

1925 Provincial Soccer League

President: T. Hodgkinson, London, Ont.

The annual general meeting was held on Saturday March 7, 1925, in Hamilton, Ontario. Representatives from eight clubs were present. Applications for membership were received from Brantford Cockshutts, Taylor-Forbes of Guelph, Chipman Holton of Hamilton, London, Kitchener, one team from Toronto and a club from St. Catharines.


September 5, 1925
Brantford Cockshutt Blues 5
Chipmans 2

Championship final

November 21, 1925 Lyon Park, Guelph, Ontario
Taylor Forbes 1 (Mooney)
Chipman Holts 0

1925 Hamilton & District League

Teams included Stelco and Ulster

Ontario Cup

District qualifiers

Oshawa District

Clairemont qualified for First round proper.

Northern Ontario District

XX qualified for First round proper.

Toronto District


August 27, 1925 Toronto
Davenport Albions 2
Mimico Beach 0

Davenport Albions qualified for Toronto district final

August ??, 1925
Ulster United
Toronto All-Scots

First game ended in a draw

August ??, 1925
Ulster United
Toronto All-Scots

XX qualified for Toronto district final


September??, 1925
Ulster United
Davenport Albions

Ulster United qualified for First round proper.

Hamilton District

August 8, 1925
Hamilton Ulster 4
Hamilton Westinghouse 0

First round

August 30, 1925 Bayview Park, Sarnia, Ontario
Sarnia Imperials 3
Kitchener Rangers 3

September 5, 1925
Kitchener Rangers 3
Sarnia Imperials 1

Kitchener Rangers qualified for second round

August 30, 1925 Timmins, Ontario
Timmins Wolves 5
North Bay 0

Timmins Wolves qualified for second round.

Second round

??, 1925
Hamilton Westinghouse

Hamilton Westinghouse qualified for semi-finals

??, 1925

Clairemont qualified for semi-finals

??, 1925

XX qualified for semi-finals

Timmins Wolves vs. Ulster United

Ulster United disqualified. Timmins Wolves qualified for semi-finals


??, 1925
Hamilton Westinghouse

Hamilton Westinghouse qualified for the Ontario Cup final

October 10, 1925 Timmins, Ontario
Clairemont (Oshawa League) 1
Timmins Wolves 7

Timmins Wolves qualified for the Ontario Cup final


October 24, 1925 Toronto
Hamilton Westinghouse 2 (Lawson, Borthwick)
Timmins Wolves 1 (Sathrang)
Hamilton Westinghouse: Crompton; Billy Gilvear, Turnbull; Jackson, Tommy Gardiner, George; Chambers, Lawson, Middleton, Borthwick, Hamilton.
Timmins Wolves: Elrick; Riddell, Hetherington; Cooper, F. Cadman, Shortt; Street, Christian Sathrang, Petterson, Roberts, A. Cadman.

Hamilton Westinghouse won the 1925 Ontario Cup Trophy.

1925 Cup Champions

1925 Quebec Cup Final

1925 Hamilton Spectator Cup

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