National Soccer League

(Canadian) National Soccer League 1926-1997


The Hungaria club was formed in 1930. The club started its first season with twelve Hungarians, one German and one Danish player. The 1930 roster included:

J. Jurkovits, F. Larsen, O. Firn, J. Tassy, Biela Klein, John Jurkovits, F. Kantor, C. Stukovsky, G. Olah, F. Galgoczy, J. Cuba, B. Zombory, G. V. Zekany, L. Zalanyi.

In their first season they were members of the Montreal League. Due to difficulties securing a ground the club dropped out of the league before the start of the 1933 season.

The club returned in 1935 when they joined the Montreal League’s second division. In 1936 they were members of the Montreal League’s first division. They left the league after the 1939 season.

Hungaria returned to soccer in 1946. They again joined the Montreal Soccer League.

The club won the Frontenac Cup in the 1947 season.

In the 1950’s the club saw a real revival under the leadership of president Louis Balogh.

In 1957 the club manager was William Hevesy, senior manager was Lajos (Louis) Balogh, Istvan (Steve) Dancsak was the team manager and the coach was Ferenc Boleska.

The 1957 roster included:

Goalkeeper Strama; fullbacks George Czekly, Molnár; half-backs Frank Nadányi, Tibor Fekete, Horváth; forwards Wagner, Bencze, Tibor Stankovits, Zoltan Teli, Arpad Király, Rudy Pavelka, Erőd, Foon.

In 1958 Hungaria joined the inter-provincial National Soccer League. They won the NSL Championship in the 1958 season.

The leadership of the Hungarians in the 1959 was president Luis Balogh and vice-president Neubrandt.

Hungaria topped the table until it sold Imre Dora to Hamilton Italo Canadians and Zoltan Teli moved to Guelph. In addition Herman Pfeiffer spent parts of the season being injured. Pfeiffer was rated by the Montreal Gazette as being the best half-back in the league.

Before the start of the 1960 season Steve Dancsak took over as manager of the team. The team was quite identical to the 1959 team.

In 1975 they played in the Quebec National Soccer League.

Badge kindly provided by Andrew Dancsak

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