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The Stelco Football Club was formed by Steel Company of Canada employee Andrew Bell in Montreal in 1935. Bell was a former player with the Third Lanark team in Scotland.

The club played its home games at the Charlevoix grounds in Montreal.


Won the Quebec Provincial championship, Montreal League championship, the Macoun Cup and Dunning Cup.


Stelco won the 1947 National Soccer League championship.


The club won the Canadian Challenge trophy in 1952.

Roster: Dan Carrigan, Moe Cockburn, Gordie Fraser, Bill Gill, John Godley, Tom Gummer, John Maxwell, Bill McKenna, Bob McKenna, Jim McLachlan, Herman Moali, Gordie Rowland, John Semati, Johnny Sinclair, Jim Thomas, Bill Whitehead

Managers: Johnny Hutchinson and Alex Samson


In November 1956 the Charlevoix ground was converted into a parking lot for the Stelco employees.


The club stopped playing after the 1957 season.

Famous players

Famous players included Gord Rowlands.

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