National Soccer League

(Canadian) National Soccer League 1926-1997

Club overview

ClubSeason(s) League
Bradford Marshlanders1977-1982National Soccer League
Brampton JetsNational Soccer League
Brantford CityNational Soccer League
Brantford Cockshutts1928-1930National Soccer League
British Consols1934-1939National Soccer League
Buffalo BlazersNational Soccer League
Detroit Besa1979-1982National Soccer League
Detroit Canadians1927National Soccer League
Detroit Vardar1979National Soccer League
Dinamo LatinoNational Soccer League
East End Canadians1949-1958National Soccer League
England United1935-1941National Soccer League
K.F.C. Estonia1962-1963National Soccer League
Fergus1948National Soccer League
First PortugueseNational Soccer League
Guelph Taylor ForbesNational Soccer League
Hamilton Apollos1970-1972National Soccer League
Hamilton Austin1951-1952National Soccer League
Hamilton British ImperialsNational Soccer League
Hamilton City1927-1940National Soccer League
Hamilton City1950National Soccer League
Hamilton City1973-1975National Soccer League
Hamilton Corinthians1928-1929National Soccer League
Hamilton Cougars1959National Soccer League
Hamilton Croatia1970-1976National Soccer League
Hamilton Hungaria1958-1959National Soccer League
Hamilton Italo Canadians1958-1960National Soccer League
Hamilton Steelers1961 ECPSL
1962 ECPSL
Hamilton Italo-Canadians1972-1978National Soccer League
Hamilton PrimosNational Soccer League
Hamilton Steelers1981-1985National Soccer League
Hamilton StelcoNational Soccer League
Hamilton Thistles1926-1938National Soccer League
Hamilton WestinghouseNational Soccer League
Hamilton Westinghouse1948-1955National Soccer League
Hamilton White Eagles1992, 1995National Soccer League
Homer1969-1975National Soccer League
Kenwoods1941National Soccer League
Kitchener Concordia-Kickers1965-1971National Soccer League
Kitchener Maple LeafsNational Soccer League
Kosovo AlbiansNational Soccer League
LiptonsNational Soccer League
London CityNational Soccer League
London C.N.R. 1928National Soccer League
London German-CanadiansNational Soccer League
London Marconi1983-1988National Soccer League
Macedonia1962-1963National Soccer League
Macedonia1974-1977National Soccer League
Malta UnitedNational Soccer League
MelitaNational Soccer League
Mississauga HungariaNational Soccer League
Montreal AlouettesNational Soccer League
Montreal CantaliaNational Soccer League
Montreal CantaliaNational Soccer League
Montreal Carsteel1926-National Soccer League
Montreal Castors1975-1978National Soccer League
Montreal C.N.R.National Soccer League
Montreal ConcordiaNational Soccer League
Montreal C.P.R.National Soccer League
Montreal Hakoah1954National Soccer League
Montreal Hungaria1958-1960National Soccer League
Montreal MaroonsNational Soccer League
Montreal SpartaNational Soccer League
Montreal StarsNational Soccer League
Montreal StelcoNational Soccer League
Montreal UkrainaNational Soccer League
North York Atletico1991-1992National Soccer League
North York Rockets1992
North York Talons1996-1997
Oakville United1975National Soccer League
Oakville Western Canadians1996
Oshawa Hungaria1962
Oshawa Italia1962
Oshawa Italia1990
Ottawa Sons of Italy
Ottawa Tigers
Polish White Eagles (Toronto)1951-19611962 ECPSL (As the Buffalo White Eagles)
Portuguese United
Quebec Selects
Queens City1962
Richmond Hill Kick1992-1993
St. Andrews1949-1955
St. Catharines Heidelberg1971-1978
St. Cathrines McKinnons
St. Catharines Roma
Scarborough Astros
Serbian White Eagles
Sudbury City
Sudbury Cyclones
Sudbury Italia Flyers
Toronto Abruzzi
Toronto Azzurri
Toronto Blizzard19861979-1984 NASL, 1987-1992 CSL, 1993 APSL
Toronto Canadians
Toronto Celtics
Toronto City1926
Toronto C.N.R.1928-1932
Toronto Croatia
Toronto Falcons
Toronto Greenbacks
Toronto Hakoah1963, 1965
Toronto Hellas
Toronto Hungaria1951-1975
Toronto Inter-Roma
Toronto Italia1953-19601961-1966 ECPSL; 1967 NPSL, 1968 NASL
Toronto Italia1969
Toronto Italia1972-1979, 1981-1996
Toronto Italian Virtus
Toronto Jets
Toronto Maple Leafs1928-1941
Toronto Maroons
Toronto Polonia1964
Toronto Polonia1973-1978
Toronto Rockets
Toronto Roma1961, 1967ECPSL 1962-1966
Toronto Scottish1927-1952
Toronto Serbians1979
Toronto Sparta1955-1960
Toronto Supra
Toronto Transit Commission
Toronto Ukraina
Ulster United (Montreal)
Ulster United (Toronto)1926-1962
Verdun Park
Welland Lions
Willys-Overland Motors1928
Windsor Roma1985
Windsor Rovers1926-1927
Windsor Stars1975-1978
Windsor Teutonia1965-1968
Windsor Wheels1986-1993
Winnipeg Fury19931987-1992 CSL

Clubs from other leagues:

Calgary Mustangs1983 CPSL
Edmonton Eagles1983 CPSL
Kitchener RangersProvincial Soccer League
Mississauga Croatia1983 CPSL
Montreal Inter1983 CPSL
Toronto Nationals1983 CPSL

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