National Soccer League

1926- 1997 Canadian National Soccer League Archives


The Oshawa Hungarian Culture Club was formed in 1961. In Hungarian they were known as the Magyar Kultur Klub.

Oshawa Hungaria Soccer Club was formed in 1961.

In their first year they entered a team in the 1961 Ontario Cup.

Before the 1962 season Oshawa Hungaria joined the National Soccer League. Their most famous players were goalkeeper Zoltan Vigh and forward Lajos Serege. Vigh went on to have a long career in the NSL. Serege later played for the New York Hungarians.

The highlight of their season was when they defeated Ulster United 1-0 in Toronto on Saturday August 11. Lajos (Leslie) Serege was the goalscorer.

The season ended with a last-place finish in the league championship. The club also took part in the 1962 Ontario Cup.

Oshawa Hungaria left the NSL after the 1962 season and at various times played in local lower-level leagues after that.

In 2018 the Oshawa Hungarian Culture Club sold its club house and playing field. The club house was located at 64 Albany Street, Oshawa.

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