National Soccer League

1926- 1997 Canadian National Soccer League Archives

OSHAWA ITALIA (1954-1965)

Formed in 1954 the club played in the 1962 National Soccer League season. In 1965 they played against Vancouver Firefighters in the Dominion Cup final.

The club was formed in 1954 as Oshawa Inter Football Club. The club later changed its name to Oshawa Italia Football Club. In the first years the club was limited to players of Italian extraction.

Aftter playing in local amateur leagues and often taking part in the Ontario Cup, Oshawa Italia joined the National Soccer League in 1962. The club finished in a strong fourth place finish. However, the increased travelling cost of competing in the NSL sent the club into dissaray. The financial difficulties forced the club to leave the NSL after just one season.

Oshawa Italia returned to playing in the Oshawa and District League, and in the 1964 season their fortunes improved greatly. In all competitions that season they won 21 of 22 games, scoring 98 goals and only letting in 8 goals. As well as winning the league championship, they also won two challenge trophies.

The success of the 1964 season had led to increased support and after winning the Oshawa & District title in the 1965 season the club again entered the Ontario Cup and won its way to the Dominion Cup Eastern Canada play-offs. After beating Montreal Lachine they defeated Halifax Morse to qualify for the 1965 Dominion final.

On Saturday night September 26, 1965 Vancouver Firefighters defeated Oshawa Italia 5-0 in Oshawa in a sudden-death final for the Dominion Challenge Cup.

In the fall of 1965 the club was reorganized and would later become the Oshawa Italian Recreation Club. This new club would later take part in the 1990 National Soccer League season.

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