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1. Preview

There were numerous constellations with a wide variety of set-ups and locations of leagues that led to the eventual formation of the National Soccer League in 1926.

The 1910’s had seen the disappearance of the national cup that was the People’s Shield, the failure of the Professional League in 1913 and the formation of the Dominion Football Association in 1913.

In the early 1920’s a few clubs started to investigate into the possibilities of turning to professionalism. This led to the formation of the Inter-City League in January 1922 and eventually the formation of the National Soccer League in 1926.

1922 Inter-City League

President: Sam Farrant

League formation

The Inter-City League was formed in January 1922. It was said to be the first of its kind. The league was composed of five teams from Toronto and three from Hamilton. The teams that entered the league were Toronto All-Scots, Ulster United, Willys-Overland, Old Country and Toronto Scottish, from Toronto. Labor Party, Westinghouse and Thistles from Hamilton.

Later the league increased its membership clubs to 10. Six from Toronto and four for Hamilton. The clubs that were added were Davenport Albion and Hamilton Tigers.

Review of the season

Ulster United went through the season undefeated.

Ulster United won the league championship.

After the season Hamilton Tigers were dropped by the league.

Standings as of August 3, 1922:

  1. Ulster United
  2. Davenport Albion
  3. Toronto Scottish
  4. Hamilton Independent Labour Party
  5. Hamilton Thistles
  6. Hamilton Westinghouse
  7. Old Country
  8. All Scots
  9. Hamilton Tigers
  10. Willys Overland

League champions: Ulster United

1923 Inter-City League

President: Sam Farrant, Hamilton
Vice-president: John Holland, Toronto
Secretary-treasurer: John Innes, Toronto

Review of the season

Toronto Caledonians replaced Hamilton Tigers as league members.

Clubs: Hamilton I.L.P. (Independent Labor Party), Hamilton Thistles, Hamilton Westinghouse, Toronto All-Scots, Toronto Caledonians, Toronto Old Country, Toronto Scottish, Ulster United, Willys-Overland

League champions: Ulster United

Inter-City League Charity Cup

November 12, 1923 Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton Thistles 1
Ulster United 1

November ??, 1923 Toronto
Ulster United
Hamilton Thistles
Home and home-series

1924 Inter-Provincial League


1. Ulster United22
12. Toronto Caledonians22


December 6, 1924: Ulster United 2, Willys Overland 0

December 13, 1924: Ulster United 0, Willys Overland 1

Ulster United won the total goals series 2-1.

1925 Inter-Provincial League


Secretary: J. Innes

Before the season started the league decided to reduce the numbers of clubs from twelve to eight. They did anyway end up as a nine-club league. Toronto Caledonians replaced Grenadier Guards in the league.

Review of the season

Carsteel opened their League season with a game against Hamilton City in Montreal on Saturday May 2. Carsteel defeated Hamilton City 4-1 with Eddie McLaine scoring all four of Carsteel’s goals. Twaddle scored for Hamilton City.

Carsteel won the 1925 Inter-Provincial League championship, the Quebec Cup and P.Q.F.A. Connaught Cup series.


1. Montreal Carsteel16

After the season Montreal Carsteel and Ulster United dropped out from the league and formed the National Soccer League.

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