National Soccer League

(Canadian) National Soccer League 1926-1997. Hope you find what you're looking for and if you have something to contribute, get in touch.

1926-1997 Season by Season

SeasonNSL Playoff ChampionsNSL Playoff Finalists
1926Ulster UnitedMontreal Maroons
1927Not completed
1928Montreal C.N.R.Ulster United
1929Montreal C.N.R.Ulster United
1930Toronto ScottishMontreal C.N.R.
1931Toronto ScottishMontreal Carsteel
1932Ulster UnitedMontreal Carsteel
1933Ulster UnitedMontreal Carsteel
1934Ulster UnitedMontreal Carsteel
1935Frood MinesUlster United
1936Montreal CarsteelUlster United
1937British ConsolsFalconbridge Falcons
1938Royal Victoria HospitalUlster United
1939Royal Victoria HospitalBritish Consols
1940Montreal CarsteelToronto Maple Leafs
1941Ulster UnitedMontreal Carsteel
SeasonNSL (Montreal) ChampionsOMSL Champions
1942Montreal Carsteel
1943Montreal Vickers
1945Montreal Carsteel
1946Ulster United
SeasonNSL Playoff ChampionsNSL League Champions
1947Montreal Stelco
SeasonNSL Playoff ChampionsNSL Playoff Finalists
1948Montreal CarsteelHamilton Westinghouse
1949East End CanadiansMontreal Carsteel
1950Hamilton WestinghouseMontreal Canadian Falcons
SeasonNSL Playoff ChampionsNSL League Champions
1951Toronto UkrainaToronto St. Andrews
1952East End Canadians
1953Toronto UkrainaToronto Ukraina
1954Ulster UnitedToronto Ukraina
1955Ulster UnitedToronto Ukraina
1956Polish White EaglesPolish White Eagles
1957Toronto ItaliaToronto Italia
1958Montreal HungariaMontreal Hungaria
1959Toronto ItaliaMontreal Cantalia
1960Toronto ItaliaToronto Italia
1961Toronto UkrainaToronto Roma
1962Italian VirtusOlympia-Harmonie
1963Toronto UkrainaItalian Virtus
1964Toronto UkrainaToronto Ukraina
1965Toronto HakoahToronto Ukraina
1966Windsor TeutoniaSudbury Italia
1967Windsor TeutoniaHamilton Primos
1968Sudbury ItaliaSudbury Italia
1969First Portuguese
1970Hamilton CroatiaToronto Croatia
1971Toronto CroatiaToronto Croatia
1972Toronto ItaliaToronto Croatia
1973Toronto HungariaToronto Croatia
1974Toronto CroatiaSerbian White Eagles
1975Toronto Italia
1976First PortugueseToronto Italia
1977Montreal Castors
1978Toronto FalconsMontreal Castors
1979First Portuguese
1980Panhellenic OlympicsToronto Falcons
1981Hamilton SteelersHamilton Steelers
1982Hamilton SteelersToronto Italia
1984Toronto ItaliaToronto Italia
1985Toronto ItaliaLondon Marconi
1986Toronto ItaliaToronto Blizzard
1987Toronto ItaliaWindsor Wheels
1988Toronto CroatiaToronto Italia
1989Toronto Italia
1990First Portuguese
1991Toronto Italia
1992Toronto Croatia
1993St. Catharines RomaToronto Rockets
1994Toronto ItaliaToronto Italia
1995St. Catharines WolvesSt. Catharines Wolves
1996Toronto ItaliaToronto Italia
1997St. Catharines Wolves St. Catharines Wolves
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