National Soccer League

(Canadian) National Soccer League 1926-1997


Toronto Blizzard were among the best known and most successful clubs in the North American Soccer League. They were formed in 1979 when Global Communications Limited bought the Toronto Metro-Croatia franchise.

In September 1981 York-Hanover Sports Enterprises bought the franchise.

In 1985 York-Hanover bought the Dinamo Latino franchise in the National Soccer League.

Before the start of the 1986 National Soccer League season the name was changed to Toronto Blizzard. The Blizzard averaged about 4,000 fans for their NSL games in 1986.

In 1987 the Blizzard joined the new Canadian Soccer League. They sold 2,800 season tickets in their first season in the CSL.

The Blizzard dropped out of the Canadian Soccer League after the 1992 season. Owner Karsten Von Wersebe was said to have personally bankrolled the club with $17 million since York-Hanover bought the franchise in 1981.

Blizzard dropped out from the APSL in November 1993. They had averaged about 1,000 fans for their home league games. They had split their games between the 20,000 seat Varsity Stadium and the 10,000 seat Lamport Stadium. After the season goalkeeper Paolo Ceccarelli signed for Scottish club Dundee.

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