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The grand stand at Ulster Stadium

Ulster Stadium was for nearly 20 years the home of Ulster United. It was also used for many championship games, cup finals and exhibition games.

The stadium was located in the Leslieville area in Toronto.

Ulster Stadium was opened in 1925 at a time when soccer in Canada was beginning to become more professional.

The Ulster Stadium covered grand stand had a seating capacity for 6,200 persons. In addition, they bought 1,800 seats from Scarboro Beach Park and had standing capacity for 2,800 fans. This gave them an approximate total capacity of 10,800.

In January 1926 Ulster United was taken over by the Ulster Stadium Limited, being a pioneer of soccer football under a stock ownership proposition.

On Saturday May 29, 1926, a picked Toronto XI was defeated by the touring English Football Association team in front of 8,000 spectators at the stadium.

In October 1930 floodlights were installed at the field.

Due to unpaid taxes the City of Toronto took over the stadium in March 1942.

In 1943 the park was sold to a contractor for $23,000. An housing project was to be built on the grounds.

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