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1951Essex County Soccer League
1953Essex County Soccer League
1954Essex County Soccer League
1955-1956International Indoor Soccer League
1957Essex County Soccer League
1958Essex County Soccer League
1959Essex County Soccer League
1960Essex County Soccer League
1961Michigan-Ontario Soccer League
1963Michigan-Ontario Soccer League
1965National Soccer League
1966National Soccer League
1967National Soccer League
1968National Soccer League
1969Essex-Kent Soccer League
1975Essex-Kent Soccer League
1985Windsor & District Soccer League
1990Michigan-Ontario Soccer League

Windsor Teutonia started out in 1929 as the German-Canadian Club. The club was formed by factory worker Paul Stichmann. It was said that he started the club as he was getting little playing time with another local team.

Due to the depression the German-Canadian Club struggled and eventually ceased operations. In 1935 the former members of the German-Canadian Club came together to form the Teutonia Club. It was incorporated in November 1935 as Verein Teutonia in Windsor. The club had 150 members in the late 1930’s.

In the years after the second World War the club mostly played in the Essex County League and in the Michigan-Ontario Soccer League.

Won the Essex County Soccer League in the 1954 season.

Teutonia joined the National Soccer League in 1965. In their first season they qualified for the playoffs. They were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

In 1966 they won the National Soccer League championship. They did so by defeating Toronto Croatia 1-0 on October 30 in front of 1,000 fans in Windsor. One week earlier they had tied Croatia1-1 in Toronto. Windsor won the two-game, total-goal series 2-1.

The 1967 season resulted in another league playoff championship for Teutonia. In the National Soccer League final standings they finished fourth, nine behind Hamilton Primo. However, in the playoff finals Teutonia defeated Primos in two straight games. This gave Teutonia a 2-0 win in the best of three games series.

Teutonia failed to qualify for the playoffs in the 1968 NSL season. After the season they left the league. During their time in the NSL they had kept a team playing as Teutonia B in the Essex-Kent League. This team and the Essex-Kent League again became their main focus in the 1969 season.

In the 1970’s they played in the Southwestern Ontario Soccer League. When they celebrated their 35th anniversary in 1970 they had 1,500 active members. They were later members of the Michigan-Ontario League in the 1980’s.

After many years with dwindling membership Teutonia sold its club house in 2016. The membership was now down to about 250 members. According to its Facebook page they only operate an Over-45 team in 2019.

Notable former players include Frank Artner, Nikolaus Kamrad, Ilario Bontarin, Gaetano Feregotto, Edward Mielke, Tibor Vigh, Zoltan Vigh, Victor Jurisevic.

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