1974 National Soccer League

League president: Joe Piccininni
League secretary: Ivan Habus


Referees: Paul Avis (Rexdale, Ontario) and Stan Tait (Montreal, Quebec).

Review of the season

Momcilo Stojanovic scored the only goal of the game when Serbian White Eagles defeated Polonia 1-0 on April 23.

On Friday June 7, Serbian White Eagles defeated Kitchener Srbija 16-1. Momcilo Stojanovic scored eight goals. The highest score in the NSL was recorded in 1965 when Toronto Ukraina beat Toronto Macedonia 18-1.

Serbian White Eagles won the league championship.

Toronto Croatia won the league playoff final.

Toronto Italia won the league cup.

Results and standings

Leading goalscorer                         Gls Ass Pts
1. Momcilo Stojanovic (White Eagles)        54  12 120

Top goalkeeper                     Min. Svs GA SO GAA.
1. Blajoe Tamindzic (White Eagles)             28

Playoffs quarter-finals
October 6, 1974
Serbian White Eagles 3 (Momcilo Stojanovic 2, John Fahy)
Macedonia 0

October 7, 1974 C.N.E. Stadium, Toronto
Homer 6 (Gus Hatoupis 4, ????)
Hamilton Croatia 0

October 8, 1974 C.N.E. Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Croatia 1 (Marijan Bilic)
First Portuguese 0
after overtime

October 9, 1974
Toronto Italia

Playoffs semi-finals
October 10, 1974 C.N.E. Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Croatia 1 (Alija Solak)
Serbian White Eagles 0

October 15, 1974 C.N.E. Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Italia 1
Homer 2

Playoff final
October 20, 1974 C.N.E. Stadium, Toronto (att: 2,149)
Toronto Croatia 1 (Boris Psaker)
Homer 0

NSL Cup Final
October 4, 1974
CNE Stadium
First Portuguese 1 (Jorge Felix)
Toronto Italia 0

October 6, 1974
C.N.E. Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Italia 2 (Carmelo Barbieri, Saban Romanovic)
First Portuguese 0

Italia won the two-game total-points series 3-1.