1977 National Soccer League

President: Joe Piccininni
First vice-president: John Fisher
Second vice-president: Jose E. Sousa


Steve Sohuyko

Referee-in-chief: Steve Sohuyko

Referees: Paul Avis (Rexdale, Ontario), Bill Bouwmeester (Chatham, Ontario), Nevio Novacco (Chatham, Ontario), Charlie Haslem (London, Ontario) Frank Pavicic, Bill Divorski, Borge Devantier (Belle River, Ontario), Mimmo Calavretta and Phil Clarke (London, Ontario).

Division 1

Clubs and players

First Portuguese

Formed: September 23, 1956
Head Coach: Artur Rodrigues

Roster included Jim McLoughlin, Marinho, Joao Moniz and Jim Douglas

Led by former Sporting Lisboa star Marinho the First Portuguese club finished in fifth place. Other key players were Joao Moniz and former Canadian national team player Jim Douglas. The team was coached by Artur Rodrigues.

Hamilton Italo-Canadians

Stadium: Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton
Head Coach: Ilario Bontarin

Roster included goalkeeper Ardo Perri; defenders Tom Molly, Ed Constantine and Jim Sinclair; midielder Ray Trevisan; forwards Mike Johnson, Valdi Greco (centre-forward) and Stewart McBean.

London City

Founded: February 14, 1973
Stadium: Cove Road Field, London, Ontario
President: Markus Gauss
General manager: Harry Gauss
Head coach: Ron Clayton

Roster included goalkeeper Dieter Wolter; defenders Christian Quivouron and Steve Breach; midfielder Ray Flanagan; forwards John Hold and Gert Dorfel.

London City again imported former Margate F.C. players from England, like Steve Breach and John Hold. In addition they signed German star Gert Dorfel. After the season Breach joined Crawley in England.  Defender Christian Quivouron was signed from Brest, France.

Stadium: Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Owner: Dragi Denkowski
Head Coach: Carlo Delmonte

Roster included goalkeepers Robert Judd and Victor Petrini; defender Tony DeBennetto; midfielder Lou DeLorenzo; forwards Mike Burke and Gabriele Cortellucci.

Macedonia hired Carlo Delmonte as head coach. Led by the goalscoring of Mike Burke Macedonia finished seventh.

Montreal Castors (Les Castors de Montreal)

Founded: 1975
Stadium: Claude Robillard Stadium, Montreal
Owner: Toni Iammatteo
Player Coach: Hugo Nicolini

Roster included goalkeeper Blagoje Tamindzic; defenders Nick Mijatovic and Hugo Nicolini; midfielders Igor Bachner, Pat Ercoli and Gerry Morielli; forwards Jose de Padua Lima, Paul McGee, Jose Testas and Gordon Wallace.

Montreal Castors won the league with two points. Hugo Nicolini was their player-coach. Before the season they signed goalkeeper Blagoje Tamindzic from Rochester Lancers.


Stadium: Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Head Coach: George Caragiannides

Roster included goalkeeper Tony Dallas; defender Jim Agoudiris; midfielders Pedro Kozak and Leon Voudouris; forwards Soares Dos Santos, Alberto Gerez, Fernando Barbosa and Saban Romanovic.

Serbian White Eagles

Founded: 1968
Stadium: Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Head Coach: Luis Dabo

Roster included goalkeeper Dule Stepanovic; midfielder Tibor Gemeri.

Serbian White Eagles hired Luis Dabo as head coach.

Toronto Croatia

Founded: October 5, 1956
Head Coach:
Key players:

Roster included goalkeeper Ivo Bodlovic; defender Mirsad Cehaic; midfielders Boris Psaker and Ibrahim Arslanovic; forward Frank Ellis

During the season Croatia signed Mick Wharton from Ottawa Tigers.

Toronto Italia

Founded: 1972
Stadium: Borough of York Stadium, Borough of York, Ontario
President: Gino Ventresca
General manager: Joe Vaccari
Head coach:

Roster included goalkeeper Paolo Cimpiel; defenders Robert Gemert, Paolo D’Agostini, Renato Cila, Kevin Grant and Stjepan Loparic; midfielders Tim Burns, Pat Ercoli and Carmine Marcantonio; forwards Dennis D’Hugo, Francisco Bolota, Angelo dos Santos and John Fahy.

Toronto Italia finished second. Italia goalkeeper Paolo Cimpiel had by the end of August registered his 14th shutout. Voted as the leading goalkeeper of the NSL.

Windsor Stars

Founded: 1975
Stadium: Mic Mac Park, Windsor, Ontario and Windsor Stadium, Windsor, Ontario
General manager:
Head coach: Ivan Markovic replaced by Jim Townsend

Roster included goalkeepers Alan Patterson and Dimitrios Sirigos; defenders Danny Palumbo, Ian Sneddon, Doug Pollard and Waldir deSouza; midfielders Carlos Ribeira (Brazil), Gus Black, Nenad Jokic, Jim Townsend, and Gus Moffatt; forwards Mark Trenter, Billy Lee, Alan Hopes, Gerry McCabe (left wing) and Sid Wallace

Coach Ivan Markovic was released by the Windsor Stars at the beginning of April following a disagreement with the management. Markovic had recieved an offer to coach the Tunisian national team. He was replaced by midfielder Jim Townsend as player-coach. New players included John Russo from New York Cosmos, goalkeeper Alan Patterson from Sligo Rovers, Ian Sneddon from Greenock Morton, Gerry McCabe from Hibernian, Mark Trenter from West Bromwich Albion and Sid Wallace from Waterford.

Sid Wallace scored 25 goals in 24 games before returning to play In Ireland. The owners lost $75,000. From the original 14 owners in 1975 only three remained after the 1977 season.

Review of the season

The season opened with three games on Sunday April 24. At Lamport Stadium Italia defeated Panhellenic 3-0. Hamilton Italo-Canadians tied Serbian White Eagles 1-1. Windsor Stars beat Toronto Croatia 3-1 in front of 1,000 fans at Mic Mac Park in Windsor.

First Portuguese opened their season on Wednesday April 27 with a 2-0 win over Hamilton Italo-Canadians.

On July 3 Panhellenic beat First Portuguese 5-0 in front of a season-record crowd of 5,000.

The final league game of the 1977 season was played on Thursday October 6 when Hamilton Italo-Canadians beat Panhellenic 6-1.

Montreal Castors won the league championship with two points.

After a disastrous season Serbian White Eagles left the NSL but returned again for the 1979 season as the Toronto Serbians. Macedonia also left the league.

Results and standings

Leading goalscorer:
1. Saban Romanovic (Panhellenic)
Leading goalkeeper:
Paolo Cimpiel (Toronto Italia)

Exhibition games

June 5, 1977 Buffalo
Buffalo Blazers
Lazio (Italy)