1977 National Soccer League

President: Joe Piccininni
First vice-president: John Fisher
Second vice-president: Jose E. Sousa

The NSL also operated with a Second Division.


Steve Sohuyko

Referee-in-chief: Steve Sohuyko

Referees included Paul Avis (Rexdale, Ontario), Bill Bouwmeester (Chatham, Ontario), Nevio Novacco (Chatham, Ontario), Charlie Haslem (London, Ontario) Frank Pavicic, Bill Divorski, Borge Devantier (Belle River, Ontario), Mimmo Calavretta and Phil Clarke (London, Ontario).

Division 1

Clubs and players

In February 1977 London City appointed Ron Clayton as general manager and coach. He had been the coach of London City in the 1976 season. He replaced Charlie Papp as general manager.

Review of the season

The season opened with three games on Sunday April 24. At Lamport Stadium Italia defeated Panhellenic 3-0. Hamilton Italo-Canadians tied Serbian White Eagles 1-1. Windsor Stars beat Toronto Croatia 3-1 in front of 1,000 fans at Mic Mac Park in Windsor.

First Portuguese opened their season on Wednesday April 27 with a 2-0 win over Hamilton Italo-Canadians.

On July 3 Panhellenic beat First Portuguese 5-0 in front of a season-record crowd of 5,000.

On July 30 Montreal Castors defeated Hamilton Italo-Canadians 2-1. Denis Courage scored one of the goals. On July 31 Castors beat Toronto Macedonia 4-1. Newcomer Pat Ercoli, Courage, Igor Bachner and Dennis D’Hugo scored against the Macedonians.

The final league game of the 1977 season was played on Thursday October 6 when Hamilton Italo-Canadians beat Panhellenic 6-1.

Montreal Castors won the league championship with two points.

After a disastrous season Serbian White Eagles left the NSL but returned again for the 1979 season as the Toronto Serbians. Macedonia also left the league.

Results and standings

Leading goalscorer:
1. Saban Romanovic (Panhellenic)
Leading goalkeeper:
Paolo Cimpiel (Toronto Italia)

Exhibition game

June 5, 1977 War Memorial Stadium, Buffalo
Buffalo Blazers 1 (Kulu)
Lazio (Italy) 6 (Vincenzo D’Amico 4, Bruno Giordano, Rossi)